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Cedar Fever Kit


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Do you suffer from Cedar Fever? Cedar allergy season runs from December through February and affects Central Texas and the stretch of land from the Red River to the Rio Grande. If you live in one of theses areas and suffer from Cedar Fever, you know first hand how debilitating it can be. Symptoms range from sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, cough, headache, sinus congestion and fatigue. It can also be easily confused with the flu or a cold if the symptoms are severe. Please consult your healthcare practitioner to rule these possibilities out. If you live in Cedar Fever region and you are tired of suffering every winter, I put together this powerful and effective combination of supplements to help alleviate your symptoms and keep your life on tract.

  • Cedar Serum (drops) – Helps to alleviate cedar fever symptoms.*
  • Aller-GX supports seasonal environmental challenges.*
  • Liver Detox Protect – Supports antioxidant activity and promotes healthy immune function.*
  • Vitamin C – Provides antioxidant protection and immune support.*
  • Daily Probiotics  Supports the natural immune response. Contains four researched strains of beneficial bacteria.*

If you suffer from sinus congestion, consider adding Sinatrol to your cart at checkout. Sinatrol provides immediate support for sinus and respiratory challenges, aids in the breakdown and clearance of mucus, and helps soothe sinus tissue

If you would like to read more about Cedar Fever, read my blogCedar Fever has Arrived in Central Texas – How to Keep Your Body in Balance”


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